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  • 2016

    Established Trung Hau Limited

    Trung Hau received patent of hollow concrete brick and patent of utility solution in polymer cement produce from red mud and its application

  • 2010

    Recorgnized by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam as Science and Technology Enterprise

    Researched and Developed polymer bricks technology.
    Researched and Developed hollow concrete bricks manufacturing system to replace traditional clay bricks

  • 2005

    Researched, Designed, Developed and Transferred Technology of Light Weight Foam Concrete Brick Manufacturing System

  • 2000

    Researched and Developed 3D Construction Panel Manufacturing System

  • 1996

    Established Trung Hau Private Enterprise


Hollow Concrete Brick

Utility Solution

Inorganic Polymer Cement Made From Red Mud and Production Process of This Cement

Science and Technology Enterprise